Established in Milan in 1967, Pomellato combines craftsmanship with contemporary design, having precious and New Precious stones at its heart. The Milanese Maison was the first to introduce the prêt-à-porter concept to the jewellery world, in this way defining its iconic and unique style.


Shimmering with the artistry of nature, SABBIA’s pavé jewels capture the movement of light. Like grains of sand blowing in the breeze, its designs are organic, refined, and utterly personal.


Created for the 50th anniversary of Pomellato, ICONICA honours its rich goldsmith heritage. Sensual shapes and golden volumes become lightweight, stackable jewels, to be mixed-and-matched per the Pomellato spirit.


Baring the naked splendour of a gem, NUDO shines with colour, playfulness and the shape of perfect irregularity. Prong-free and free from convention, NUDO sparkles in infinite gemstone combinations.


Strength, clarity and character define the essence of FANTINA. Architectural in design and minimalistic in its sculptural finesse, the FANTINA collection is defined by, and designed for, an independent attitude.

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